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At 182 Campbell St

Celebrating our time at 182 Campbell St

We’ll be having a RaThEr MaSsIvE farewell party at 182 on 17 November at 7pm.

If you’ve spent a part of your life with us here, whether for Imagine, Surry Hills Baptist Church, 100 REVS, Marriage Equality, Pastoral Care for LGBT Christians, A Different Conversation, Sticky Issues, the Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation, the Creative Collective, HopeStreet’s 2010 ministry, Inner City Church Planting, HopeStreet in general, TableFor20, Sticky Bar, Evening Courses, Sunday meetings, Home Groups, Weekends Away, Coffee Crawls, Cyclopaths, or ANYTHING else that we’ve done in the last eight years here, then come along as we farewell the old building.

Please forward this message to anyone you think might want to see it. Thanks!

Here’s the Facebook EVENT link:

Drop us a note on (or to Zac or Lauren) if you have a story about us that you’d like to share, or you’d like to help run the night. We’ll also have an AGM in the afternoon, but more on that later. And remember to subscribe to the Newsletter to stay up to date on everything that’s happening — more to follow.