Second Quarter: Amos, Hosea, Isaiah

Second quarter is starting Wed 29 Apr. We’re looking at the main Eighth century prophets: Amos, Isaiah, and Hosea. We’ll be following the usual approach: readings or podcasts each week, followed by dinner and discussion on Wednesday nights. Email with inquiries.¬†

[Israel] was a prosperous society and complacent society — or rather, the upper-classes were; but Amos had eyes to see the great rift between rich and poor, between upper classes and lower classes, and the fact that the function of due legal process was all too often to aid the rich and defraud the poor. Israel was riddled with legalized immorality – and with¬†prostituted religion. Under the veneer of law and equity, everything conspired against the poor man. If his case were good, the judge could easily be bribed to declare against him (“They sell the innocent for silver”, 2:6); he could be fined and have his property seized; and finally he would have no option but to sell himself into slavery, when his debts became too heavy. (Payne, p.239.)

We’ll be developing the outline on the wiki page.

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