The next ten weeks…

The Darlinghurst study group — dinner and discussion group — meets on Wednesday nights. It’s shaping up like this for the next 10 weeks:
  1. Special subject: Judgement and Justice <– This week, Wed 6 May
  2. Judgement on nations (Amos 1:1-2:16)
  3. Social justice (Amos 3-6)
  4. Prophetic visions (Amos 7-9)
And after that,
  • 4 weeks in Hosea (TBA)
  • 2 weeks on the other minor prophets form the 8th century BCE (Micah & Joel, probably)
Each week we listen to a podcast before hand. The podcast will be out by Saturday morning each week. 
Planning and ideas are on the wiki… Email for a login if you want to help organise the outline, or claim a week to prepare.
Contact: Nigel, <>.

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