“Everybody wants justice. Nobody wants to be judged?”

PODCAST for Wed 6 May
Sandy Wilson: God’s Lawsuit Against Us (US 2008; 8.6M @52 mins, MP3)
Remember that we pick messages not for agreement in every detail, but for their discussion value. See How home groups work at Imagine.
This one is about the end of Joel, not the start of Amos, but makes a perfect introduction to the subject of judgement. See The next ten weeks… for an outline.
  1. “Everybody wants justice; nobody wants to be judged?” — Discuss. Does your understanding of God’s judgement line up with your understanding of justice in general?
  2. Do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable with the idea of God’s judgement of both Israel and other nations, or both on Christians and non-Christians? Are there parts that seem OK and others that don’t? If you try to write out a list, what falls into each category? Bring it along.

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