Hosea, Part 2: Crossing into the New Testament

Podcast for 17 Jun:


  • What is 6:6 doing to or saying about the Law of Moses? How is it used by Jesus in Matt 9:13 and 12:7?
    • Or it it mainly about unworthy sacrifice? (cf. comments on sacrifice in 8:11-14), or is it also about idolatry? (cf. 9:10, 11:1, 13:1-3), or is it about injustice (or corruption lack of mercy or steadfast love) trumping all religious deeds? (cf. 10:13, 12:7)
  • There is an interesting theme in later Hosea of prophets bringing destruction (6:5, 12:13-14)…
    • How did these prophets see themselves? Unlike Amos, was Hosea a ‘proper’ prophet?
    • Is this basically the same message as Amos (see prev. weeks), but from within the school of prophets?
  • What does it mean for Matt 2:15 to quote Hos 11:1, and apply it to Jesus?
  • Consider what Hosea 13:14 means in Hosea, and then how Paul uses this in 1 Cor 15:55? (Or for something really interesting, what does Isa 28:3 means in Isaiah, and then in the way Paul uses it in 1 Cor 15:54?)
    • Reading as Christians, 6:2 is immensely evocative; what do you think it meant to Hosea when writing or speaking it?

We pick messages not for agreement in every detail, but for their discussion value. See How home groups work at Imagine for more, and The next ten weeks… for a current outline.

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